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Strengthening Your Nails

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Many beauty magazines and websites showcase spectacular nail art and the gorgeous manicures of the stars. If you have weak nails, it can be frustrating to not be able to have the same great-looking nails. Here are some tips to get a better, stronger set of nails. 

Focus on your diet

Nails are made of keratin, which is the same material as hair. Your body relies on protein to create more nails and on fats to create some oil to help keep the keratin smooth, shiny and flexible so that your nails don't crack and break. There are also a range of mineral and vitamin deficiencies, including zinc and magnesium, that can lead to weaker nails. (Part of the reason that people tend to report getting better nails when taking prenatal vitamins is that a multivitamin can address some of these deficiencies.) Having a healthy diet is an important part of getting strong, great-looking nails. 

Swap your habits

If you are used to biting your nails, it can be a good idea to try and swap out your habit for something else. Why not try chewing on some gum and/or picking up a fidget spinner to try and keep occupied, rather than chewing on your nails?

Get regular manicures

If you are trying to grow your nails it can be a great idea to get regular manicures. Manicures can help to stimulate blood flow, provide some much-needed moisture to the nails and cuticles and shape your nails in order to smooth out any small nicks or cuts that can lead to the nail tearing and breaking before you are ready. Many people also find that nail polish can help to make even short nails look more polished and chic. 

Cheat if you need

If you have an event and really want to sport some longer nails, ask your nail technician about using some nail extensions to get the look that you want. While traditional acrylic nails are not that healthy for the nail, there is a growing number of options for getting permanent or temporary nail extensions. These can also be a great option if you have broken a single nail just before a big event and don´t want a lopsided look or to suddenly cut all of your nails down to match. 

Even if your nails are currently stubby and short, there are a range of options to get the long and beautiful nails that you want.