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The Wondrous Advantages of Periodic Oxygen Facials

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Oxygen may be a fundamental element of life, but what you may not know is that, as you age, the natural levels of oxygen in your skin progressively decline. When this decline begins to happen, your skin becomes vulnerable to wrinkling and fine lines, which inadvertently ages your appearance too. In the search for the fountain of youth, advancements in the spa industry have conceptualised ways to restore the diminishing oxygen in an attempt to provide you with a youthful appearance. One such technique is through the oxygen facial. If you have been curious about an oxygen facial, here are some of the wondrous benefits that it can provide you.

Oxygen facials help increase collagen production

Your skin naturally produces collagen and this compound works to keep your skin elastic. However, the older you are, the less collagen produced, which means your skin progressively loses its elasticity. Subsequently, you find that the skin around your face begins to sag, promoting the onset of deep lines and wrinkles. Undergoing an oxygen facial on a regular basis helps to boost your skin's collagen production. With time, you notice your skin appears to be plumper as its volume has been restored. Moreover, the firmer your skin, the less likely that you will develop wrinkles.

Oxygen facials help in detoxification of your skin

No matter how regimented you are with your skin care routine, it will still be assaulted by a host of toxins and pollutants every single day. These common contaminants may be seemingly innocuous if your skin does not always break out, but they do gradually rob your skin of much-needed oxygen. As a result, the environmental pollutants end up making your skin dry and flaky. An oxygen facial saves you from having to slather on copious amounts of cleanser every time you wash your face, as this only works to further strip your skin of its sebum. Through oxygen facials, your face is naturally rejuvenated and detoxified, leaving you with clean and healthy skin.

Oxygen facials accelerate the turnover of your skin cells

Other than lack of moisture and exposure to toxins, another reason why your face may be looking worse for wear is if you have a lot of dead skin cells. Routine scrubbing may eliminate these dead cells, but it is not nearly as effective as an oxygen facial. By undergoing this treatment, your face is rid of the dead cells clinging to it, and your skin is stimulated to produce fresh cells. A wondrous aftereffect of this increased cell turnover is that it can also speed up the healing of acne scars, blemishes and so on!