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How Can Prenatal Massage Therapy Help You Enjoy Your Pregnancy?

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Nurturing a baby in your womb and bringing them into this world is not an easy task. It is a journey that is filled with both joy and anxiety. What's more, the many changes that occur in the body to accommodate the little one can also be burdening. Regardless of all these things, you need to maintain proper physical and mental health to ensure that you enjoy your pregnancy. One of the ways to do this is by scheduling regular therapeutic massage sessions, and this article will show you how this therapy can be beneficial for your body.

Help reduce stress

As aforementioned, a lot of physical and hormonal changes occur in the body. You start experiencing food cravings and aversions, you gain a few pounds, and you may even begin to feel emotional or irritable. Some of these changes can cause stress and anxiety, and if not managed, chronic stress can trigger inflammation and affect the baby. Massage therapy helps prevent or manage stress and protect the health of the baby throughout the pregnancy. The therapist focuses on releasing muscle tension and stimulating pressure points on the body, causing your brain to relax and let go of the stress. A few hours of massage every week can produce tremendous improvement in your overall health.

Prevent swelling

Many people tend to experience swelling in the legs and hands during pregnancy. The swelling of the legs is usually caused by the pressure exerted on the leg muscles due to the extra weight of the baby. It could also be as a result of a sedentary lifestyle that most mothers-to-be adapt during pregnancy. Swelling may also be due to poor blood flow to the legs, hands, and other parts of the body. Massage therapy helps to improve blood circulation to the entire body. The masseuse stimulates the soft tissues to prevent the collection of fluid which causes swelling. As a result, you can experience a pain-free pregnancy and walk around with no swollen joints.

Relieve back pain

Back pain is inevitable in pregnancy, especially towards the end of the second trimester. If you stand or sit for an extended period, tension builds in your lower back muscles. Also, the position of the baby tends to exert pressure on your lower abdomen, and this together with the strain can cause severe back pain. Regular massage is necessary to manipulate the spine, release tension in the back muscles, and alleviate pain. With no back pain, the last stages of your pregnancy can be a little bearable and exciting.

Massage therapy is essential for promoting a smooth pregnancy. Talk to a massage therapist so that you can schedule weekly or monthly appointments to boost your health and that of your baby.