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Two tips for people who will be using a salon's waxing service for the first time

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If you have booked your first waxing appointment at a salon, you might find this advice helpful.

Let your beauty therapist know if you experience too much discomfort

Because waxing involves the extraction of the hair from the root to the tip, it is a bit uncomfortable; this is especially true when hair is being removed from sensitive areas where there are a high number of nerve endings, like the pelvic region. However, getting any area of your body waxed should never be unbearable, particularly when it is being carried out by a professional at a salon.

As such, whilst you should expect to feel a bit of discomfort, you should not 'grin and bear it' if you're in a lot of pain. Instead, you should ask the beauty therapist to stop and discuss this matter. They will be more than happy to help you work out why you're experiencing an unusual amount of discomfort and will try to find a way to help you so they can finish off the waxing treatment without making you wince.

For example, if you exfoliated your legs a bit too vigorously the day before your waxing appointment and this left your skin quite sensitive, then the beauty therapist might apply a numbing cream to the affected area and wax this section even more quickly than they normally do (because generally speaking, the faster the hair is pulled out, the less painful it will be). They may also apply a cooling gel to this area after they're finished to calm the skin and relieve any residual soreness.

Wait a while before applying fake tan to your waxed areas

If you want to get a spray tan at the salon or put on some fake tan at home, it's important to get it done at the right time. Ideally, you should do this two or three days after your waxing appointment. You should not do this before getting waxed, as some of your tan may come off the areas that you have hair removed from and you might be left with pale patches on your body.

Likewise, you should avoid applying tan immediately after having your body hair waxed. The reasons for this that, if the fake tan you use contains any alcohol or other harsh ingredients, applying it to your waxed skin that is still tender from the treatment could result in it making your skin sting. Furthermore, because the follicles on your legs and any other areas you had waxed will be a bit more open than they normally are for a day or so after this treatment, any tanning product you apply during this period may get trapped in your open hair follicles and create dark brown dots on your legs when they then close a few days later. By waiting a while before tanning, you should be able to achieve an even-looking tan on your hair-free skin.