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Two tips for people who will be using a salon's waxing service for the first time

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If you have booked your first waxing appointment at a salon, you might find this advice helpful. Let your beauty therapist know if you experience too much discomfort Because waxing involves the extraction of the hair from the root to the tip, it is a bit uncomfortable; this is especially true when hair is being removed from sensitive areas where there are a high number of nerve endings, like the pelvic region. Read More»

Understanding Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a commonly practiced alternative healthcare treatment with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It is endorsed by the Medical Board of Australia and can be used to treat pain or to reduce stress and improve wellbeing. You can book acupuncture sessions at selected spas, health centres and alternative health practices, but you should always ensure your practitioner is qualified before undergoing treatment. Acupuncturists believe the nerve endings throughout the body can be stimulated using acupuncture to realign and balance the body’s energy, known as qi. Read More»