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Two Types Of Treatments That You Should Always Have Carried Out At A Beauty Salon

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While there are plenty of beauty treatments that you can do yourself, quite safely and easily, in the comfort of your own home, there are certain ones that should only be performed by a beauty therapist at a beauty salon. Continue reading to find out what these treatments are.

Bikini waxing

Whilst there are quite a few at-home bikini waxing kits available, it is not a good idea to try to wax your own bikini line at home. Instead, you should arrange to have this treatment done at a beauty salon that specialises in waxing intimate areas.

The reason for this is as follows: the skin around the bikini line area is much thinner and far more sensitive than the skin on other areas that you might have waxed (such as your legs, for example). Because of this, it is a lot easier for any attempted waxing of this area to go horribly wrong.

If, for example, you fail to ensure that the skin is fully taut before pulling off the wax you have applied, you could easily end up with severe bruising and blood spots. These bruises could take a few weeks to disappear, which could be problematic if you waxed this area specifically because you wanted to wear a swimsuit immediately afterwards.

Additionally, if you use wax strips (which are not well-suited to waxing this body part) or if you use hot wax but fail to warm it up properly, the wax could also take off the top layer of your skin. This could make this already-sensitive area very sore and red.

As such, it is best to go to a beauty salon if you are in need of a bikini wax. The beauty therapist at the salon will have the skills, experience and right type of wax to ensure that you are left with a smooth, hair-free bikini line which is neither bruised nor irritated.

Blackhead extractions

Much like the above-mentioned at-home bikini waxing kits, many companies also sell blackhead extraction kits that are designed for home use.

However, the removal of blackheads is not as easy as it sounds and should only be done by an experienced beauty therapist who works at a reputable beauty salon.

The reason for this is that blackhead extraction tools are quite sharp and powerful. As such, if you use too much force when using one of these tools at home on your own blackheads, you could end up damaging the skin around the pores you are touching.

In addition to bruising the skin, you could also potentially break some of the capillaries, and in doing so, make your skin look permanently red. The only way to heal broken capillaries is to undergo laser treatment, which can be painful, time-consuming and expensive.

Given this, it is much better to have your blackheads extracted at a beauty salon, as a beauty therapist will know exactly how much pressure to apply when using sharp tools to pull out your blackheads. As such, there is almost no risk of them damaging your skin during the treatment process.